The Global LEAP Awards is an international competition to identify and promote the world’s best off-grid appliances.

The 2015-16 round of competitions will identify super-efficient, high quality off-grid fans.

All Global LEAP Awards nominations are tested according to internationally-accepted laboratory test methodologies to confirm their energy performance, durability, and reliability, and are also evaluated by a panel of off-grid market experts. Winners will be identified through a combination of expert evaluation and energy- and cost-based quantitative assessments.

Previous Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists have experienced significant sales and investment opportunities. Global LEAP Award Winners and Finalists benefit in the following ways:

  • Recognition at the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial in June 2016, a major global meeting of energy ministers
  • Use of the Global LEAP Awards brand to differentiate your products to investors, development organizations, institutional customers, and others. 
  • Significant exposure through a multi-faceted publicity and business-to-business marketing campaign
  • Participation in a new Global LEAP program incentivizing large-scale procurement and distribution of Winner and Finalist products in key off-grid markets

Nominations for the 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards for Outstanding Off-Grid Fans closed on 15 January 2016. Winners and Finalists will be announced in June 2016. Please contact us to learn more.

Nominations were accepted in the following categories: