The Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide is a catalog of the world’s best off-grid appliances. The 2017 edition contains information about off-grid fans and televisions that were named Winners and Finalists in the 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards.

The winning and finalist fan products featured in the Buyer’s Guide are among the best off-grid fans in the world. Each of these products had its quality, durability, and energy performance evaluated according to international test laboratory best practice—and each has been evaluated by a panel of off-grid market and technology experts.

2017 Global LEAP Awards Buyer's guide

Off-grid Fans

Small Table Fan Category      Large Table Fan Category      Pedestal Fan Category

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Product Model Number

Identifies the specific product model

Fan Size (diameter, mm)

Distance between the tips of the fan blades

Number of Regulated Speeds

Number of speeds

Safe Operating Voltage (V)

Voltage range within which the fan can operate safely as stated by the manufacturer

Rated Power Input (W)

Power consumption as stated on the product's nameplate

Tested Power Input (W, at Max Speed)

Power consumption when set at the maximun speed, based on laboratory testing

Tested Air Delivery (m3/min)

Amount of air delivered by the fan when set at maximum speed, based on laboratory testing

Motor Type

Indicates whether the fan motor is brushed or brushless

Power Supply as Shipped

Whether the product operates with AC or DC power, or both

Customizable Power Supply (Can Be Configured as AC or DC)

Whether the product can be customized to operate with a different power supply