Promoting Energy Access by Supporting Innovation and Competition in the Off-Grid Market

Globally, 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity, and another billion have only unreliable access. These underserved communities living “beyond the grid” are typically among the world’s poorest and must rely on dangerous, polluting fuels like kerosene and diesel for their daily energy needs.

Emerging technologies — ranging from small solar portable lanterns and pico-lighting systems to larger standalone energy systems and mini-grids — provide off-grid households and businesses with access to clean, reliable energy, displacing pre-modern fuels and delivering numerous health, environmental, and socioeconomic benefits. However, the markets for these products are nascent and need to be brought to scale.

Global LEAP accelerates markets for small-scale solar lighting, off-grid appliances, and mini-grids through efforts focused on product quality assurance, promotion of demand-side super-efficiency, and partner collaboration

Global LEAP’s cross-cutting research, projects, and programs transform off-grid markets by Building Technical CapacityDriving and Demonstrating Innovation and ScaleCreating and Sharing Market IntelligenceFacilitating Business Opportunity and Investment, and Policymaker Technical Assistance.

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