An international competition that identifies the world's best, most energy-efficient off-grid appliances 

High-quality, energy-efficient appliances are essential to the growth of off-grid energy markets—they create demand for off-grid energy while reducing energy costs. The Global LEAP Awards provide clear and actionable signals about the quality and energy performance of off-grid appliances.

Global LEAP identifies Winners and Finalists through a combination of expert evaluation and energy- and cost-based quantitative assessments. All Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists undergo testing by accredited laboratories for their energy performance, quality, and reliability, and an evaluation by a panel of off-grid market experts.  


Global LEAP will announce results of the 2016-17 Off-Grid Television and Off-Grid Fan Competitions on 16 August 2017. Sign up for the Global LEAP mailing list to learn about the Winners and Finalists. 

Global LEAP anticipates that results of the first-ever Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition will be announced in early 2018. This competition is supported by USAID as part of the Scaling Off-Grid Energy Development Grand Challenge, the UK Department for International Development's Ideas to Impact Programme, and Power Africa.  

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Leading impact investors Acumen and Shell Foundation are partnering with Global LEAP to accelerate the off-grid appliance market.. The outcomes of the 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards for fans, televisions, and refrigerators will help inform Acumen and Shell Foundation’s proactive efforts to catalyze and validate new technology and business models to bring highly efficient appliances to low-income consumers in off-grid areas. 


2015-16 Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists

Winners and Finalists of the 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Fan and Off-Grid Television Competitions were announced at the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco in June 2016. Find detailed information about 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists in the 2016 Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide

Learn more about 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Fan and Off-Grid Television competitions.