Product data to drive long-term growth in the off-grid market

High-quality, super-efficient off-grid appliances minimize the financial, social, and environmental costs of the off-grid energy supply. However, manufacturers, policymakers, distributors, and investors lack critical information about off-grid appliances and the broader market. This information asymmetry inhibits market growth.

To fill information gaps in the off‐grid appliance market, Global LEAP is developing a data‐rich, interactive platform that will aggregate and share a wide range of appliance product performance and market data. The program samples off-grid appliances from retail markets, distributors, and manufacturers; tests them according to international best practice (see: Global LEAP off-grid appliance test methods for fans and televisions); shares the accumulated data; and works with policymakers, investors, companies and others to interpret and use the data. 

This program will bring much needed transparency and consistency to the off-grid appliance market, drive improvements in product quality and performance, and enable all off-grid market stakeholders to make faster, smarter decisions about off-grid appliances.

Global LEAP is currently testing off-grid products. If you’d like to submit product samples for testing, or would like to review and use the data produced so far, please contact us.