Many companies are unaware of the commercial opportunity presented by the off-grid market, and those that are aware often struggle to find clear and timely paths to market. Global LEAP addresses these challenges by highlighting great off-grid products and reducing risk across the supply chain. For example:

The Global LEAP Awards identify and promote the world’s best off-grid appliances, evaluating them on the basis of quality, off-grid appropriateness, energy efficiency, and cost. This has proven to be a highly effective program, giving off-grid energy companies a jumpstart in their search for great appliances and giving appliance companies incentive to make innovative products and a clear point of entry into the off-grid market. 

Global LEAP+RBF couples the Global LEAP Awards with results-based financing incentives to mitigate risk for early-mover off-grid solar and appliance companies, driving best-in-class off-grid appliances into the market at scale.