What You Need to Know about Distributed Renewable Energy Markets in Africa

For African countries, accessing sources of renewable energy is still a challenge. Renewable energy is mostly distributed through mini-grids and isolated systems. Recently, the mini-grid distribution sector has grown considerably, particularly in developing countries in Africa where centralised grid systems are unable to reach people in remote locations. Dr. Rose Mutiso, co-lead of the Clean Energy Ministerial's Global LEAP initiative, spoke with Ventures Africa to shed more light on what the future of a distributed renewable energy market in Africa could look like for interested investors and consumers.

Global Development Leaders to Accelerate Universal Energy Access through Greater Energy Efficiency

The Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition, a new collaborative effort between the CEM’s Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) to accelerate universal access to energy. E4A will bring together and amplify the efforts of global development partners to harness the power of energy efficiency to achieve universal access to enhanced energy services—beyond lighting—by 2030.

Global LEAP and the Emerging Off-Grid Appliance Market

A recently published GOGLA blog discusses Global LEAP's coordination of efforts to facilitate development of a strong, competitive market of high-quality, super-efficient off-grid appliances. The CEM initiative is spearheading a suite of groundbreaking activities and partnerships to equip the off-grid market to make better-informed, faster decisions about appliances. The 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition included a side event for attendees to learn more about Global LEAP.

Global Off-Grid Appliance Market Could Grow to $4.7 Billion by 2020

The global market for off-grid appliances is poised for rapid, significant growth, according to forthcoming market research sponsored by the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP), a U.S. Department of Energy-led initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial. Key findings from the market research were announced today at the 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition in Dubai.

New Competitions for World’s Best Off-Grid Appliances Announced at White House Forum

Global LEAP Awards speed super-efficient, quality-assured off-grid televisions and fans to fast-emerging clean energy markets
The Clean Energy Ministerial’s Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) has opened the 2015–16 Global LEAP Outstanding Off-Grid Appliance Awards, an international competition to identify and promote the world's highest-quality, most energy-efficient off-grid appliances. This year’s competition will focus on off-grid televisions and fans. Nominations for the Global LEAP Awards are due 15 January 2016.