The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) is the Clean Energy Ministerial’s energy access initiative, and is led by the U.S. Department of Energy. Global LEAP was launched as a commitment to the Sustainable Energy for All campaign, and its programs and initiatives support the growth of sustainable commercial clean energy access markets throughout the developing world. 

Global LEAP’s work: 

  • Supports quality assurance frameworks for off-grid energy products and services, which build consumer, industry, policymaker and investor confidence
  • Enables the uptake of super-efficient off-grid technologies, which reduce energy supply costs
  • Facilitates programmatic, policy, and research collaboration among energy access stakeholders

Global LEAP’s benefits to the off-grid market:

Through a variety of targeted programs, Global LEAP is filling gaps in the marketplace, enabling faster, better-informed action by market actors, and making energy more accessible to the developing world. 

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